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Worship August 16

Identity - Renewed. How God changes us from being outside his family to being a member of his family.

Identity: Renewed

The Need - Ephesians 2:1-3

Following – who you follow determines two things

How you will live in this life John 11:39

Where you will exist in eternity

This is our original condition

Born this way - Psalms 51:5 -

Struggle every day - Romans 7:18-19; 22-23

Nothing Good Lives in Me

In my Inner being

Jesus rescues us - Romans 8:1-2

Power for Change - Eph 2:4

Every good thing that has ever happened to you came from God’s Mercy and Love

Results of change - Eph 2:5-7

Death to Life - Abundant & Eternal

We are his Showcase

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