OUR PASTOR: Brian Hale (Pb)



Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Salvation: 1973



Married: Julie



Children: Faith and Caleb 




Oklahoma Baptist University,


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Fort Worth)



Pastor Years: 27 years (Two Churches)



Pastorate at NIBC: Since 2002



Bible Version used: Holman CSV

1 Sermon Jan 26 2020Pastor Brian Hale
00:00 / 35:38



Started 1963 - a Mission of Plymouth Park Baptist Church


First-Named Woodridge Baptist Church


Name Changed to North Irving Baptist

Church 1973


Current Staff

Pastor Brian Hale

Secretary Elaine Hodgkiss

Worship Vern Etheridge

Choir Elizabeth Rogers

Piano Cheri Worley

Children Priscilla Snipes

Nursery Ms. Luisa

VBS Director Laurie Elmore

Worship Style:



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