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Midweek June 5 2 Peter 3:8, and listening

Midweek – June 5, 2024

After a problem with the computer camera, I have decided to 

type this week's Midweek.

(Assistance provided by F.B. Meyer Great Verses of the Bible 

and The Gospel Coalition.)

2 Peter 3:8One day is with the Lord as a thousand years.

There is no effect of time with God, no past, and no future. What time zone does God live in you may ask. Most of us would say central because that is where Texas is. However, He lives in the eternal present time.

He sees all the time in one look, past, present, and future. Remember he is, was, and is to come all at the same time or omnipresent.

He chooses how long it will take in our “time perception” to complete a job. God is beyond time. All he has to do is say “Let there be..” and “it” is created. His will was created and created. He is not limited by our perceptions or understandings.  A thousand years in our reckoning is nothing to him.

How do we respond to this verse: Understand and marvel at just who God is and how far he is beyond us. Time rules our lives. We are constantly looking at clocks, watches, and cell phones. God does none of this. He knows how things began, how they are going, and where they will end. So it would be best to trust him with our time. We need to try to live by his understanding and rejoice that above all he is in control

6 ways to improve your listening

Not many habits communicate love more powerfully than listening. True listening is more than hearing words it is also seeking understanding of the person who is talking to you. It is a “true respite” in a world filled with people who are not listened to or encouraged by others. God brings people who need to be heard into your life and we must listen to them.

Listening is a habit more than a fixed trait so you can learn to be a better listener through practice. This week I will quickly share 6 habits that can make you a better listener and then I will share 6 more next week.

1.      Look people in the eye. This shows the other person that they are important to you. Wandering eyes make them feel unheard or cared bout.

2.      Face People – Ask yourself, “What does my body language communicate”  Turning yourself toward people communicates love and respect. It makes others feel valued.

3.      Put down your phone! – probably one of the most important things you can do. It’s not just the kids adults are just as bad. No one can look at their phone and listen to other people. Just because you think you can pull this off doesn’t mean that others feel heard.

 Ask engaging questions – This makes the other person feel like you really give a hoot about what they are saying. Use this acronym (Forks).

Family – who do you admire in your family and why?

Occupation – what is your favorite part of your job?

Recreation – what do you like to do with your free time?

Knowledge – have you learned anything new lately?

Spirituality – who told you about God, the Bible, and Heaven?

This also works when you are trying to develop an opportunity for spiritual discussions.

 Ask Clarifying questions

What did you mean by....

Are you saying that....


This shows you enjoy the other person's presence. Don’t crazy-eyed grin at them. Just a light smile shows that you are interested.

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