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Midweek - June 12; 6 final clues to be a good listener, 1 John 1 study

Midweek – June 12

1 John 1:5-7 v5 This is the message that we have heard from him. And we declare it to you. God is light. There is no darkness at all in him. v6 We may say that we share this life with God. But if we walk in darkness, we are telling a lie. We would not be doing what is right and true. v7 Instead, we should live in the *light, as God is in the light. Then we shared life with each other. And the blood of God’s Son, Jesus, washes all our sins away.

John wrote this letter to combat the teaching of a group in the Church called Gnostics. They were false teachers making their basis philosophy rather than the words of Jesus Christ. Their teaching was a bad mix that made people think that they could attain levels of spiritual heights over other Christians.

In three marked passages John talks about what people are apt to say who believe this teaching. He then contradicts these teachings with the truth of the gospel.

First, Men are apt to stay that they have fellowship with Christ and yet they walk/live/act in darkness. They are trying to be superior to other believers. Also, they don’t understand the level of darkness inside of them. By saying this they lie and do not live in the truth. Better to recognize your sin and have fellowship with Christ through the continual cleansing of his blood for your sins.

Second, what’s worse is men are apt to say that they have no sin. Their belief is that they have reached a state of spiritual wisdom where sin doesn’t exist for them. They fail to recognize the extent of Jesus call to holiness on all Christians. It is a constant pursuit. We are always “falling short” of his will for our lives. We also need to understand that sin in motive or thought is still sin just like the act of sin.

Admit it and receive forgiveness.

Assisted by FB Meyer

Listening #2

Feedback – facial expressions, raised eyebrow, saying “Yes!” “Oh” “Wow” at appropriate times. Lets others know you are listening and not just sitting there in a fog.

Don’t Assume – never act like you know what they are going to say. You job is to listen to what they say. Most people listen a few seconds instead of to the full statement. Although, I don’t agree with Stephen Covey on many things I do think his observation that most people don’t listen with the intent to understand; but with the intent to reply is on the mark. If you do this, you don’t really listen you are just trying to be superior. If you switch to tracking the other person from start to finish, you’ll discover more, love better and stand out in a good way to others.

Write down key details – Those who remember key details aren’t those with the better memories but those who keep good notes. Let the other person know that is why you are writing while they are speaking – you care. After a conversation do a summary writing down sensitive facts that you need to remember when you talk with this person again.

Undistracted listening – Just like getting rid of your phone get rid of other distractions like television, music, etc.. Set up a time and a quiet place if you really want to hear them. If you can’t give them full attention than say “could we discuss this at (give them a place and time)”

Pray – Say in prayer “Lord, help me listen well”. It puts your mind in the right place. Especially do this if you have trouble listening, dealing with children, dealing with senior adults, dealing with that person who never seems to stops sharing what they want to say. Talking is an exchange of thought not listening to only one person. God will answer this prayer.

Follow Up – In the initial discussion take time to circle back. This makes sure you understand what they are really saying. Give them the opportunity to correct your interpretation. This shows them you really heard them and you want to hear more. Set a reminder while you are with them. Both of you put the reminder on your phone for a few days later.

Good listening communicates God’s love to an under appreciated world and could easily open a door to share your faith.

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