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Supernatural - Kool Aid Water into Wine John 2:1-11

New Sermon Series on The Miracles of Jesus

Supernatural: Kool-Aid Joh 2:1-2

God’s Timing Joh 2:3-4

When there is problem, great or small we need to present it to Jesus.

“Woman, my hour has not yet come”

Do whatever he tells you

Joh 2:5-8

Exodus 19:5

John 15:14

Water for Purification

To the Brim

Superior not inferior

Joh 2:9-10

Fine wine C.S. Lewis Jesus has come to terminate and replace the old order with a new order

Matthew 9:17

What the Miracle did Joh 2:11, Joh 1:14, Jas 1:2-4

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