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Midweek 10/19 Passing Go, the First Church


37 The people heard what Peter said to them. They were very upset. So they said to Peter and the other apostles, ‘Friends, tell us what we should do.’38 Peter said to them, ‘Each of you must stop doing wrong things. You must change how you live. If you believe in Jesus Christ, then we will baptize you. God will forgive you for the wrong things that you have done. Then you will receive the Holy Spirit, which is God's gift to you. 39 God has promised to do all this for you and your children. He has also promised this to people who live far away in other places. The Lord our God will do it for all the people that he has called to come to him.’ 40 Peter also told them many other things. He continued to speak strongly to them. He told them to be careful and he said, ‘People who are alive today do not do what is right. Save yourselves from the punishment that God will send on them.’41 Many of the people who listened to Peter believed his message. So the apostles baptized those people. About three thousand people who now believed in Jesus joined the group that same day.. About three thousand people who now believed in Jesus joined the group that same day. 42 These new believers listened carefully to what the apostles taught them. They joined with everyone else in the group. They prayed together and they ate meals together. 43 The apostles did many miracles which showed that the power of God was with them. As a result, all the people were very surprised and afraid. 44 All the believers continued to meet together often. They shared all their things with each other. 45 They sold some of their own things. Then they gave that money to any believers who needed it. 46 The whole group of believers met together every day in the yard of the temple. They shared their food and they ate meals together in each other's homes. They were very happy and they were honest with each other. 47 All the time, they praised God. All the other people thought that the believers were good people. Every day, the Lord saved more people so that the group of believers grew bigger

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