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"Why do you go to Church?"

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them—Matthew 18:20

Think about why you go to Church. It isn’t the preaching, the singing, the comfortable seats, or the lights. The issue that brings you to one church over another is the fact that you have community there. You feel like you fit in there. We like places where we fit in and can develop friendships with other pegs that fit in those holes. There we find people who engage with us in the fine art of communication. Remembering that communication isn’t a one-way discussion but dialogue between to people over similar interest. You should look around to find the church that fits you. A place where you have spiritual growth and can make a difference.

No one is meant to be a “Lone Ranger” Christian. Trying to live the Christian life on your own will only end in failure for you. In a devotional I receive each week the writer encourages us to seek community.

“You see, the isolated man may know about God. But, no matter how much he might read and study, he cannot know God. That takes community. We get to know God by seeing his Holy Spirit moving in others. We encounter God, we experience him, we understand him when he works through the love and sacrifice of other people. In brotherhood, we get to show God to one another. And, the more we’re in community with brothers, the deeper our understanding becomes.

The isolated man may also know about himself—his talents, his likes, his dislikes. But, he cannot know himself. He cannot know the man God intends him to become. That too takes community. It takes others around him, who know his story, who spend time with him, who watch him, to discern and affirm and call forth things true and eternal in him, things God longs for to emerge. It takes brotherhood to call forth the true man.” (Wire Devotional, October 1)

One thing I know about NIBC is that we are a family. We genuinely care about each other. I hope those of you reading this who are attending NIBC will remember that and appreciate that about your church. If you don’t have a church home let me encourage you to visit with us and see if we might be a good fit for you.

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