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Reach for the Sky

I have always enjoyed the Toy Story movies and have them at my house. Enjoying them is part of remembering my childhood. I had a lot of toys, soldiers, cowboys & Indians, GI Joy and guns. It was a great time because my house was the place everyone enjoyed riding bikes too and then we would swim in the old stock pond in my back yard. I spent the summer in tank tops and jean shorts, what a great time.

This was also the time God dealt with me. I was saved at the age of 10 at the 89er baseball park in Oklahoma City. It’s a parking lot now without any special signs saying, “Pastor Brian Hale cashed his ticket to Heaven here”, I know it’s unbelievable. I also read a lot of Bible stories and had great Bible teachers in my childhood days. We had men who volunteered to teach in our Children’s Sunday School, most were deacons if you can believe it. One named Mr. Nash had a profound effect on my becoming a minister. He really spent time with us and made sure to share with us that God had a special plan for us. My home church cared about kids. It wasn’t a big place but the people there had big hearts for us kids.

I have always tried to make sure I spent some of my ministry time with kids. Those who study it say that kids between 10-12 are most likely to come to salvation than in any other time in their lives. Vacation Bible School has always been a part of the churches where God has called me to minister. In Fred, Texas where I ministered for 9 ½ years we did a Bible School that drew 200 kids a day from all over that area of the piney woods. It wasn’t work it was fun. We designed our little church to look like a western cowboy town, a tropical island completes with walk through tiki statue and whale, and a castle with dragons and knights and ladies. We were a small church, but all the church gave their all to making sure those kids knew how much God loved them.

This month we are having our Bible club and we are calling it “Club Victorious” a modern them for a different time reaching kids from families that don’t always come to church. We intend to make sure that each of these kids come to know the victorious Jesus Christ who loves them and has a plan for their life. I hope if you have kids your will bring them June 17-21st 6-8:30 each night. It is free, I am not going to charge kids to hear about Jesus. You can enroll your kids on this website or call the church at 972-252-5591. If you are a church member, please consider giving one night or 5 night to this activity. The rewards are to infinity and beyond.

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