Mission Possible

It’s hard for me to go to Tom Cruise movies. It’s not the Scientology thing. It’s because he and I look so much alike. I used to say that about Mel Gibson and then he grew a beard. However, the family and I went to see Mission Impossible 6 today. Let me tell you this is one of those movies where you better visit the bathroom prior to going in because you won’t want to leave the theater once the movie starts. It is a great story, shot well, and acted great. I always know that I am going to get my moneys worth when Tom Cruise is shooting bad guys.

This movie also has several good messages. One that I picked up on was that Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt thinks of his team as people he needs to take care of and values their individual lives. This can get him and the world in trouble though. Protecting people can sometimes run a foul of taking care of the world. Shouldn’t he be risking their lives if it is for the greater good? Isn’t that the job title when you join a special forces team? However, In the end the leadership around him says that attitude is, however, what makes Ethan such a valuable person to Impossible Mission force. He cares.

It’s nice to know that Jesus thinks about us as individuals. John 3:16 of course says that he came to save the world which we often interpret to mean all the people in the world. We view it as the people in number not in one. Yet, this verse and the plans of Jesus were for each of us individuals. A song I love is called “He knows my name” speaking to the fact that Jesus know each of us and has a plan and purpose for our lives. When we are challenged and at crisis we can know that he hears our prayers and is right there to take care of us. Remember today that Jesus knows who you are and there are no impossible missions that Jesus can’t take you through.

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