Long Haul God

In September of this year Caleb and I were coming back from Grapevine one of those nights when it really rained in Irving. We were in my new preowned care that I loved. It was high of the ground and had power that was getting us down the road. I felt safe. We got close to home and “the bottom fell out”. Water was closing streets and the police were diverting us onto other roads. Caleb and I headed home feeling good because we had made it through a lot of flooded areas. We were just a mile from our house when we got caught up in a flood of water that was due to the drainage in that normally safe are being blocked. The engine stalled and then shut down. We were stuck in water that was increasing around us.

I know what some of you are saying “Turn around, don’t drown” but you can’t do that when it’s dark and you didn’t see the water until it was on you.

What made it worse was the whirlpool forming behind us from the clogged drains and the dry road just a few feet ahead of us. Caleb and I got out waded to the curb where he tried to call home to get help, but his phone wouldn’t work. Caleb then ran to the house while I tried to push the car out of the water and to the dry area. No luck, a guy in pickup tried to help push me but no luck, then came desperation. What was I going to do?

I bent at the back of my car and of course I asked God for help. I half thought he wouldn’t hear, I had done all I could do. Sometimes I find it hard to believe people who have that kind of testimony. I have a very practical belief. However, when I looked past my car I heard sloshing and coming up the road was a man in rain coat. It was almost angelic because his truck lights were behind him. He got to me and said that he had just gotten home from rescuing his sister from a similar situation in the same area. He was a Christian and he felt God tell him to go back to that area because someone else was in need. He began to design a plan to help me when another man came from just down the street and these two strangers worked to get me out of my mess. I wondered later, how he even knew I was out there he lived down the street away from where I was. Also, He was a mechanic and new how to get my car out. He went back to his house and got tools and he and the other man pulled me out of the water to a parking lot not far away. I thanked them all, prayed blessing on them and thanked God for hearing a not so faithful prayer.

Well, contrary to my hopes the car was totaled by the insurance company. It needed to be, but I hated to lose what I considered a blessing. At least I was safe, Caleb was safe, and God had shown me that he can take care of me. Through the insurance process I have seen his hand literally in all of it. He has taken care of me, placed a new preowned care that gets better gas mileage in my hands, and every time I had anxiety my wife just says to me “trust God, he will take care of us”.

I wanted to let people know in this way because I wanted to give testimony to a God who will see it through the long haul. Every moment of anxiety has been met by his provision. I don’t say these last couple of months have been easy, but they have been fruitful to my faith. Sometimes even as a pastor I have questioned God’s work or at least his pace. You see some folks that pray, and bang God does it in a flash. However, when you see him work it out in the long haul you come to know him as a God who sees you through the whole experience and every detail. He is always there.

Isaiah 43:2 - When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.