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Kings Kids VBS

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Can it really be June already? This is a great month. Not just because it’s Father’s Day, which I enjoy, but because it’s also Vacation Bible School month. VBS, that is what us insiders like me call it, was created back in the last century to give kids a time to learn about the Bible and get out of their parents’ hair for a few hours. In those days we’d color, listen to flannel graph stories, and eat my all-time favorite cookie Deluxe Grahams because Nutter Butters hadn’t been invented yet.

Our teacher when we were little was Mrs. Jeffreys. She was a Senior Saint deluxe who worked every year with little “Hale-eons” like me to teach us how much God loved us. Each Monday of VBS we’d plant a seed in a cup just knowing it would grow into a plant by the end of the week. What we didn’t know is Mrs. Jeffreys had it all “planned out” where each kid would get his plant on Friday to take home to remind us of God being the creator. She has went to glory and I know that sweet saint had a big, big crown.

When I got into the ministry and went to Fred, Texas I got the great honor to work with “Dicey Mae” and Dena “Beana” to create the most wonderful VBS in existence. Every year we spent the month ahead of VBS decorating the church for the theme we had that year. We created dragon’s lairs, tiki caves, and even an old west town in the fellowship hall. It was enough to draw kids from miles around and make some of our stuffier folks wonder when it was going to be all over.

The great thing about VBS is that it opens the gospel to kids at a time when they are most likely to respond to the message. Those who study it call it the 4-10 window. I was saved at 10 so I agree that this is a great time to reach souls. After 10 you run a race to get them before 18 because after 18 the salvation numbers take a plunge. I hope you will support our VBS with your ministry, money, and above all prayer. We will be sharing the gospel from day one so please join me in prayer that our kids will hear and respond to this great message.

Pray for the workers to have a sensitive spirit to what God is going to do. The Dates are June 24-28, 6-8:30 pm. See Laurie Elmore if you are interested in helping.

You can enroll here

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