God in Us

I recently purchased a new pre-owned car. My old car was getting to the point that it was worth less than what it would take to maintain it. It had been a good car, but I needed to get something that was worth the money I was paying for it. So, I went to my friend in Plano who I have purchased three cars from and he found me another perfect car. It drives well, gets good gas mileage, and has a great stereo. It has been a real gift from God.

Cars have several things that people consider essential.

When looking for a car most of us have a list in our heads about what we want, and we look to fulfill that list. However, there is one thing that is essential to have to make a car run. That is gas. You can have a booming stereo, white walled tires, an exhaust pipe that makes those loud obnoxious noises when you speed of but if you don’t have gas in the tank you aren’t going anywhere.

What is the one essential that every church need? Some would say a vibrant preacher who proclaims the word of God with power and authority. Some would say a good music program that lifts your spirits and takes you to the throne of God every Sunday. Others would say great Bible study, fellowship meals, outreach to the community, a missionary call. While all of these are good the one essential things for all churches to have to succeed is according to what I read in scripture not seen in this list.

The one essential for a Church to be a church is for that Church to have the Holy Spirit. That is why we have been studying the Holy Spirit last month and will continue this month. Most Baptist are almost afraid of the Holy Spirit. That is because there have been man misunderstandings in year’s past, even back to the early church, about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church. That is why it is essential in these days when people are looking for answers for us to have a clear understanding of “God in Us”. I hope you will join us for this study and find out how you can have this essential part of your Christian life humming good.

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