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When I was a kid every Saturday night at 8 pm the Hale Household went on a cruise. We

watched “Love Boat” and were taken to the Gulf of Mexico with Captain Stubbing, Gofer, and Julie your cruise director (maybe that is why I married a girl named Julie). It was fun seeing how everyone came looking for love and maybe finding it in unexpected places.

Love is a funny word in our world. We use it for so many different things. We love meatloaf, movies, that cute girl in our science class, and many other things. It’s like we slather love on any piece of bread we find.

For the ancient world of the Bible love was specific. You had Eros, which was romantic love. Philios which was brotherly love (Philadelphia). You had the one most mentioned in scripture which is Agape or Godly love. Eros is limited by if the one you and Cupid are shooting “Eros” at decides to accept them and shoot them back. Philios work well until your Brother Friend decides to shoot love arrows at your Eros. Agape is a great one because it is unconditional. It isn’t based on what we do or say it’s based on God himself. Agape runs through our lives and is shared with others. It starts with God’s love for us. Our realization that he loves us despite our unworthiness should then help us love those around us even though they may not deserve it by their actions towards us. God’s love experienced and shared can change your world making it a better place for you and the ones you love.

The Beatles sang a song called “All you need is Love” and apparently, they didn’t feel that ka-thump for each other because they broke up the band. Love isn’t something we take lightly. It is something that cost us dearly and it should. Who do you love? Who loves you? How can you love more in your daily life using the unconditional agape of God? The Love Boat can be a daily trip if we choose to act with love towards others.

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